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What happens on the citizenship test day...

It was about four weeks before my actual test date that I received a notification letter in the post giving me the date, time and venue of my Citizenship test. Unlike other members of my family who had their tests at a Convention Centre, mine was to be held at a Recreation Centre. Those of you based in the larger Cities eg. Toronto, Vancouver, etc. will probably be called to one of the many, permanently based Citizenship and Immigration offices / test centres.

Your letter will contain a list of all the documents that you will need to take with you. Make sure you take these!! If in any doubt if you will need a particular document, take it along anyway!




On the day of the test, turn up at the time stated on your letter. Being any earlier than the stated time has absolutely NO advantages. I believe this would be true for almost all of the venues.

With citizenship test questions filling my head I arrived early at the test venue. My test was for 8:01am. At 8:01 we were instructed to form a queue outside of the locked hall where the test would be taking place. We all had to have our letter and our Permanent Resident's card out and ready for checking. After each of our documents were checked, we were ticked off on the official list and told to enter the room in silence and to find a vacant chair that had a clipboard on it. Friends and family were not allowed to sit next to each other.

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The adjudicator then proceeded to hand out the test papers, upside down on top of our clipboards. Each of us had a paper with different citizenship test questions. At our venue we did not have any desks - Which came as a big surprise. We all had to put the clipboards on our laps and hold the citizenship test questions sheet in the other hand. All rather awkward! Pencils were provided and we were given the go ahead to start.

I finished my questions and then took time to re-read the questions and my answers. When completely finished I went to the front of the room and handed in my answer sheets. I was told not to talk and to leave the room and wait outside until everyone had finished.




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The answer sheets are marked straight away so there wasn't too much waiting. All candidates were then called back into the test room and were told to wait until our names were called. Each candidate was then called for an interview in the order in which they finished the citizenship test questions. At this stage your interviewer will give you your test results and ask to see all your documents and ask you any questions that they may have.

When everything is checked and in order, you are allowed to go. You are told to wait for a letter in the post notifying you of your Citizenship Ceremony date and venue.



If your Canadian Citizenship Test Day is soon to arrive, make sure you prepare for it in the weeks before. It is not difficult if you have done your revision and lots of practice tests!

Also, make sure that you have planned everything properly: what you will be wearing, how you are getting there, booking the time off work, etc. You do not want any distractions on or near the big day, as the Citizenship Test is an all important part of the process of becoming a Canadian Citizen.

Good Luck for the test. But remember - Good preparation is better than good luck!

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