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List of learning resources for Canada Citizenship Test

We have compiled our own set of Canada Citizenship study material for the Canadian Citizenship Tests. We have also scoured the internet for links to all the other free online learning aids. Bookmark this website so that you can come back and try all the tests.

All the notes we have prepared for you are based on the required learning text. "Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship," is the official Study Guide produced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You will be sent a copy after you have submitted your Citizenship Application to them. Please find links below to acquire additional copies or formats.

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Our Study Notes:

The following Canada Citizenship study notes were made from the "Discover Canada, The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship" Study Guide. This is the official Canada Citizenship study guide issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The documents found here are our own personal notes. We studied from these to pass our citizenship exams in 2014 and 2015. Now we are sharing them with you to enable you to pass as easily as we did. Enjoy, and make good use of them.

List of Important PEOPLE in Canada's History. Also a brief explanation of how each contributed to our great country.

List of IMPORTANT DATES in Canadian History. Explanations of the events. All in the same order as found in the official Study Guide.

CHRONOLOGICAL List of DATES in Canadian History. With explanations of the events. All drawn from the Study Guide.

Map and Table of Canada's Provinces and Territories showing their Capitals and Regions. Also when each joined the confederation.

A selection of Tips and Hints to help you study and to help you on your test day. Based on actual experience in doing the tests.


Official Canada Citizenship Study Guide:

The study guide "Discover Canada, The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship" issued Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the only official Canada citizenship study material for the test. Everything you need to learn is contained in this guide. All our study notes (links above) are based on this guide. These are the very notes we made to learn for our citizenship tests. We recommend that you read the official guide from cover to cover a few times. Take note of the the captions for the illustrations too.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada have some useful online material, please click the links below to access it:

Read "Discover Canada" online.

Listen to Notable Canadians read "Discover Canada."

Download Discover Canada in PDF, PDF (large print) and in EPUB for use on tablets and e-readers.

You will also receive a copy of "Discover Canada" after you submit your Canadian Citizenship application.

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